Real Results... in 6 weeks. Habits changed, mindset changed, new healthy, balanced way of life began!

"After the birth of my son, I was looking to get back to a healthier lifestyle for my entire family. I wanted something that was based on REAL food for my REAL life. With two kids under two and a skeptical husband I was able to lose almost 10% of my body weight in just 6 weeks! After the challenge, I continued to lose weight and I am just a few above my goal. It took me almost a year to get to this point after my first baby. How did I bounce back faster this time? I know the guidance from Lori and Caren was the difference! They supported me the whole way." --Megan S.
"I just wanted to say thank you for helping me change my life! I’ve tried many “diets” and nothing really worked. I was skeptical at first but decided to try this. I never did a program that was all food. Who knew eating clean was the answer. I haven’t felt (or looked) this good in many years. After the 6 weeks, I lost 11″ and 8 1/2lbs. I couldn’t believe it! It was easy and it still is. I have many food allergies and this was an incredible program. I truly recommend this to everyone. Not just to lose but to be healthy."
-- Michelle A.
"I have been working with Lori and Caren since the start of the year, and have been thrilled with the way they have helped me make positive changes to eat well, get and stay fit!  They are very knowledgable about food, fitness, and the realities of how to apply what we learn within our lives.
 On top of the boot camp, eating programs, and personal training they provide, they show time and again how much they truly care about you as a person. They are extremely motivational, creative with the workouts (not a repeated workout yet!), and make the whole process fun. They are thorough in the identification of goals, and have helped me fulfill those goals. They live what they train.  They have seriously been instrumental in helping me transform my life!" --Julie B.