Lori Sawyer

∞ National Athletic Trainers Association, Certified Athletic Trainer
∞ National Academy of Sports Medicine, Personal Trainer
∞ Precision Nutrition Certified Level 1
∞ National Association of Sports Nutrition, Certified

 Lori Sawyer earned her Bachelor of Science degree in Movement Studies and Exercise Science with a concentration in Athletic Training from East Stroudsburg University in Pennsylvania.  She then earned a Master of Arts Degree in Exercise Science from Montclair State University in New Jersey.  After graduating, Lori took a position at Seton Hall University as an Athletic Trainer for two years.   She then moved to Los Angeles to take a position as a staff Athletic Trainer at UCLA in 2001.  While at UCLA, she traveled with the women’s basketball team and was directly responsible for training the women’s tennis team and the 2003 national championship women’s water polo team.   As an Athletic Trainer, Lori’s has focused on injury prevention, rehabilitation, and sports specific training. She has developed a well deserved reputation in the field for bringing athletes back from injury, quicker and safer than before. 

Since undergraduate school and throughout her career, Lori has trained people from every walk of life to help them improve their lifestyle and achieve their specific goals.  When her oldest son was born, she wanted to stay at home with him, but didn’t want to end her professional career…so MOMMY-MOVES FITNESS was born! Now with 3 beautiful boys, she has transitioned her career to help families create healthy lifestyles through fitness and nutrition.  She has helped hundreds of clients in her career.  She not only founded Mommy-Moves, but created Mommy-Runs, and Extreme Mom Boot Camp Classes.  She was a former fitness columnist for the online parenting website The Family Groove, and was a former  “mom blogger” for Meridian Healthcare Systems Meridian Momtourage website.  She has numerous speaking engagements under her belt, including regional athletic training conferences and Meridian events.  She also has filmed a stroller fitness class for an MTV reality show.  

Growing the Clean Cut program to a national level and bringing a nutrition and lifestyle program anyone and everyone can live with has been one of her greatest accomplishments.

Caren Boscaino

∞ National Academy of Sports Medicine, Personal Trainer
∞ National Association of Sports Nutrition, Licensed Sports Nutritionist
∞ Institute of Integrated Nutrition, Health Coach
∞ EDIT - Eating Disorder Intuitive Therapy certification

Caren Boscaino,  the co-owner of CLEAN CUT FITNESS & NUTRITION, published author of “Shrink Your Body, Grow Your Mind”, featured on several nationally syndicated broadcasts, a personal trainer, group exercise instructor, coach at OrangeTheory Fitness and sports and weight loss nutritionist certified through The Institute of Integrative Nutrition (IIN) lives in Little Silver NJ with her two daughters. Her passion for nutrition stemmed from her own battles with her relationship with food.  “Food shouldn’t be scary”.  She, alongside her business partner Lori Sawyer, researched, tested and created a real life solution for the everyday person to reach their potential no matter what stage of life they are in.  The company is called CLEAN CUT FITNESS & NUTRITION.

She began her college career at The University of Hartford in CT., where she met some of her oldest friends to date. She did transfer back to Long Island, where she grew up and graduated Summa Cum Laude with her bachelors degree in communications from C.W. Post.  After graduating she worked for Young and Rubicam in NYC for 5 years, managing creative and clients on several different pieces of business.

 Her desire to be in the fitness industry was always present so she decided to get certified in 2001 as a Personal Trainer and changed careers completely. She left Young and Rubicam all together and focused on building her fitness clientele. It started in NYC then after having her first daughter moved to Hoboken, which opened her up to new opportunities. She created stroller classes for new moms (so she can work and stay at home with her daughter). The classes grew, as did her platform for fitness.

 After the birth of her second daughter, it was time for the suburbs, which brought her to Little Silver NJ. Once again, she had to build her business from scratch. Caren had worked at the Atlantic Club in Red Bank for over 10 years, built a large clientele in personal training and branched out to group fitness classes, which became her passion, leading her to coach at OrangeTheory Fitness.  She coached running for half/full marathons from beginners to the novice. She then got her certification in sports nutrition and weight loss and her Health Coaching degree through IIN (Institute for Integrative Nutrition). 

 Her belief in finding balance with nutrition comes from a deeper understanding of how food works in the body creating healthy, long lasting results that become second nature.  Because Caren didn’t always have the healthiest relationship with food she also relates to the emotional side.  She says “like any relationship we need to set healthy boundaries”  bringing this mindset into others daily habits is eye opening.

Her company isn’t just for weight loss, she also guides people through sports nutrition to have their best training and performances.  Everyone is different with different needs so a blueprint approach doesn’t fit her model.  Her hands-on approach and true interest in their success gives her clients the results they are looking for.  Trial and error, practice and honesty is what she looks for in a client.  The ability for them to be open minded, want to learn and trust is when her people see the results they are looking for.

Denise Thompson

Our Missing Piece, Our Little Slice of Cake, Our Girl that Keeps Us Together

We have added Denise Thompson to our team, part-time, to assist us with all thing’s technology. Denise has gone through our program and has been supporting us and learning “the Clean Cut way” since the beginning. In her past life, she was a Technology Project Manager for Morgan Stanley and we felt adding her technical and organization skills would benefit Clean Cut Fitness & Nutrition as we take our program to the next level. Denise will be focused on the back end of our operation, enabling us to maintain focus on our clients, gym affiliates, and growing our program.

Michelle Davidson

 ∞ ACE Certified Group Fitness Instructor
∞ Precision Nutrition Certification, Level 1
Our new Member Coach, helping our clients keepin' it clean!

We added Michelle Davidson, 38yrs old, wife, mother of 3 to the Clean Cut Team. She negotiates contracts on behalf of the United States Air Force. Between juggling being a stress eater, having autoimmune arthritis and having 22 (mostly orthopedic surgeries) in her lifetime, and trying every fad diet on the face of the planet, her weight has yo-yo’ed significantly in her adult life. Any time she would lose weight it would come right back on plus some. At her highest weight she was 233lbs and could barely zip her size 18 pants. When she started the Clean Cut 6 week challenge a year ago, she was 210lbs and wearing size 16 pants. As of today, she had lost 37lbs, over 20in, and her size 9 jeans are getting loose, and she Is keeping the weight off!!! More importantly she has the courage and confidence to try new things- She is now an avid outdoor cyclist and teaches spin at her local gym. Michelle has said "This program just makes sense, it works and it’s healthy for your body!" She has done so well with our program and we love her enthusiasm - we have added her as a Member Coach to motivate and help answer questions about our program.