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Are you looking for long-term weight loss without sacrificing the foods you love. 

Our signature program is perfect for anyone who is tired of yo-yo dieting or struggling with maintaining a plan.  And bonus, you do not have to spend hours in the kitchen prepping and planning!

Our proven and simple system teaches you how to balance your cheats and treats and educates you on how food works in your body. This is more than just a meal plan. 

Jump into our fall 6 Week Program  and learn how to finally balance it all with Clean Cut! 

Our FREE WEEK begins September 19!

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Meet Our Graduates

Raquel: A busy mom who finally found balance and long term weight loss with the Clean Cut program.

Colleen: Stress & anxiety can run down the body and mind. She found a way to manage it all and lose weight the Clean Cut way.

Christelle: A mom on a mission, she learned to create a work life balance that her entire family loves with the Clean Cut lifestyle. 

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Make This The Last Time You Start A Weight Loss Plan.


There is never a perfect time to begin losing weight. There is always a party, a wedding, a work trip, or a vacation. Kid's sports tournaments and activities will always be here.  What if you had a plan with guided support to get you through all of life's moments?Interested? 

Do you scream ME when you read any of these?

  • I have a big party to go to, I am going on vacation, I have a work trip. I don't have time to start a program now.  
  • I have gained so much COVID weight
  • I am LIVING in leggings
  • I am so overwhelmed and emotional with my kids and life I totally stress eat. 
  • It is just easier to grab some fast food and be on my way.
  • I really need to get my health in order and focus on true full-body wellness this year.

Now, imagine this instead:

  • You have found a healthy outlet for "me time"
  • Decrease your stress levels and be able to focus on the things that matter most
  • I still enjoyed the foods I love
  • I feel a sense of balance and control
  • I can fit in my jeans and refuse to go up another pants size ever again
  • I found a community with no judgment and real results. 
  • Getting active in as little as 10-15 minutes a day and decrease anxiety
  • I have a newfound sense of confidence 


  You will receive LIVE coaching from Lori and Caren.  Real women, with the same real struggles you have. 

The missing link to most weight loss programs are they are too restrictive; they lack education and have no community support.  This program checks all these boxes and more. 

Let's make this fall different.  Let Clean Cut show you that the time to start is now.

No matter what is going on in your life.  

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Your recipes are tooooo good!
Made the detox soup, which everyone loved, I was lucky to get a bowl for work today!  After school, made the eggs cups. As they were coming out of the oven my 17 year old came home from practice and popped two!  I need to double all recipes!!
- Clean Cut Member since 2018, mom of 3 and still on the Clean Cut lifestyle plan


The 6 week signature program and has transformed my lifestyle! I started my journey in September 2020 and I’m down 22 lbs. Honestly the biggest aha for me is that I have been living “clean” for over a year now and truly have changed how I eat and cook. Even if I have a big cheat on the weekend I know exactly how to get back on track and what my body needs. 

-Clean Cut Member since 2010,  has maintained her weight loss is crushing it in the gym.


A super busy mom who joined the program and changed her mindset. This helped her put the pieces together and balance her nutrition and fitness. She just crushed a 4 week fitness challenge and got amazing results because she had the entire package with Clean Cut!

-Clean Cut Member since  2017 and long-time accountability program member 

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In our 6 week signature program, you will receive: 

  • Simple and yummy recipes and menu guides so you can have your cheats and treats while having confidence that you are eating clean at the same time.
  • Simple access to your recipe guides no matter if you are on the go, in the grocery store, at a friends house etc.
  • Learning the foundations of our signature Clean Cut method that will help you stop the yo-yo dieting and begin your new balanced life.  
  • Fitness challenges that will help you make the most in your current fitness investment (group fitness, Peloton, local studios, etc) while giving you simple options you can do at home in 15 minutes or less.
  • Facebook group support so that if you are in a moment of F%*k it, you can post and we have your back, give you encouragement and support.
  • Connect with a like-minded community through our private Facebook board.
  • LIVE coaching and calls with real-time accountability and support where you can ask your questions live.
  • Real time support with planning your cheats and treats, whether it's a party, wedding, or making a traditional family meal...we will help you plan so that your cheat  will not ruin your progress.
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