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How to Vacation with Clean Cut

Oct 06, 2021


Let’s set the scene.  You’ve worked really hard to feel and look good for your vacation, right? You bought some new clothing, a new bathing suit, you’re packed and ready to go.  How do you still enjoy every minute of vacation but not come home depriving yourself of everything to just get back to that ideal place prior to vacation.

We want you to feel satisfied with no guilt.  Satisfaction doesn’t mean stuffed and overdone, that means gluttony and that is not a good look.  Lots of self-talk and visualization on how you want to feel tomorrow on the beach will help you take that pause, enjoy the moment and it also saves room for the next cheat!!!!  This takes us to your first step, your MINDSET.

Vacation brain is a real thing.  The problem with the vacation brain is you think you need to get it all in to have the full experience, are we wrong? 

Well you will love this because you actually can have your cake and eat it too with this plan.  It’s all about moderation, timing and planning.  We want you to enjoy those famous wings or cheesecake but you don’t have to have the entire thing at the start of your vacation to get the full experience.  Three wings is plenty to get the full effect.  Say that to yourself out loud, now visualize eating them slowly with a clean cocktail (vodka or tequila with muddled lime and or orange and seltzer) talking about how amazing they are.  Have a second and a third and stop to look around at the people near you (probably 6 feet away but still near you).  People watch, take in your surroundings, don't just focus on eating another wing.  This goes for all those special treats.  There will be time on vacation to just let it all go but not right away, which brings us to the next step TIMING.

This one is also crucial to enjoying and not overdoing.  Take it slow to start.  You are away for 7 days if you start to overindulge on day one by day 7 you will feel like a bloated tick, and we mean that.  You will actually see the transformation in your photos.  That never feels good on the plane or car ride home.

What do we mean by take is slow.  Pick the few things you love, like a big breakfast or extra bread and butter at dinner, those sugar filled cocktails or your own piece of cake for dessert.  Save it for the last few days not every day and we promise by the time vacation starts to wind down and you are looking forward to the “F It” mentality you will have successfully set yourself up for it and erasing it will be simple.  Two or three bigger cheats aren’t going to derail your nutrition plan.  Yup step three is PLANNING

Make sure you prep yourself prior to leaving with your go-to healthy snacks, like flackers, GG crackers, power protein balls etc.  See the full list below of healthier options of some of your favorites.  We never want you to feel left out, so being prepared will give you the same experience but you know you are making the better choice.  Now depending on what type of vacation you are going on also depends on how to plan.  If you are renting a home you have many options to keep it clean.  If you are staying in a hotel making sure the room snacks are clean will also make this easier.

Now that your head is in a different spot.  Not just the “I’m just not going to eat chips while I’m away and I’ll deal with it and get through” to oh wait, I can have them with a plan. Let's break this down from the moment you get in the car or to the airport.

You probably have your “normal” road trip or plane snacks.  Caren used to love gummy candies on the plane and Lori loves her salt and vinegar potato chips and one fast food stop on a road trip.  Here is our suggestion,  have it on the way home (and only if you are truly still craving it) not on the way there.  Starting off right from the start will send you so far into the vacation brain “F it” mindset you will come home that bloated tick.

So instead of the crappy snacks, pack some from the list we gave you below.  Road trip? Bring a cooler with hummus, vegan cream cheese, a coconut wrap with chicken salad, Flacker crackers and some protein power balls.  I’m hungry just writing this.  These things should make you happy, not angry.  This is being kind to yourself.

Now we made it through the travel part, how do we navigate days 1-4.  Simply don’t have that big breakfast just yet, it will still be there on days 5,6 & 7.  Maybe you can try intermittent fasting and skip breakfast all together and wait until lunch to eat.  This will give you even more wiggle room for those cocktails and dinner out.  

Stay away from grazing all day.  Not only does this create mindless eating, empty calories but it messes with your metabolism.  Plan your meals and snacks out and only eat when planned.  

Dinner time, get a light appetizer or maybe even two appetizers for your dinner.  Try to focus on lighter sauces, like garlic and oil, instead of heavy cream sauces.  Yes they are yummy, have a few bites of someone else’s just don’t commit to your own on the first few nights.  Have three bites of dessert to start.  /Plan those big cheats for later in the week.

MOVE, earn your treats.  Do something active, a walk, run, hike, snorkel, paddle-board, whatever you like but do it most days.  Keeping your blood flowing will keep your body functioning.  If you just sit the entire time and we want you to veg out for sure, but from morning to night will add up.  It will also lead to boredom eating.  You know exactly what we are talking about.

Oh and don’t forget about drinking your water.  Flush it out.  Try to get ½ your body weight in ounces or close to it each day.  

OK so you made it to the end of the trip.  We still want this to be a plan.  Maybe you go back to a favorite spot to get that huge bowl of pasta or cheesecake you wanted to eat, and hope no one talks to you while you enjoy every bite.  Maybe you save the final few reservations for the places that are well known and you just want to indulge. Go for it, enjoy it and know you’ve done everything else right to lead you here.

Healthier Options to not feel left out!

  • Flackers crackers
  • Vegan cream cheese, like Kite Hill
  • Bitchin sauce, in health stores
  • Siete grain free tortilla chips
  • Siete grain free wraps
  • Coconut wraps, brands like Sunfood
  • Hummus (all flavors)
  • Somersaults
  • Pickles
  • Olives
  • Salsa
  • Guacamole 
  • Edamame
  • Vodka, tequila, white claws, high moons…
  • Seltzer, any flavor low sugar
  • Bring pink Himalayan Salt,  this is truly the salt of the earth