Plant Based Overview & Why

Oct 06, 2021


Plant Based is not vegetarian, pescatarian, or vegan.  It’s more like a flexitarian diet.

This type of diet includes nuts, legumes, fruits, and vegetables, as well as moderate amounts of non-processed meat, fish, eggs and dairy.

This is just another approach to eating.  We still don’t count calories or macros. We just limit the amount of animal product we consume.

There are several reasons people might use or adopt a plant-based diet.  Some for weight loss or maintenance,  some because of ethical, religious, environmental reason or MAYBE just to change it up and see what it feels like

Because you are limiting animal meat you are also lowering the amount of saturated fat you consume over time leading to a healthy heart, lower the chances of becoming insulin resistant (pre diabetic), weight loss and decrease in risk of cancer. These benefits come if done the correct way.

How to eat Plant Based the Clean Cut way:

Most Plant Based diets tend to lean on carbs to fill you up or replace the animal protein we use to eat.  BUT not on Clean Cut.  We are pros at understanding why we need the amount of carbs we need, why we save up for the “cheat” and listen to our bodies and use it to fill the tank ¼ -½ to give the energy we need.

So how do we do this but still get all our protein, feel satisfied and have the energy we want.

It’s simple, keep in your good fats, use plant based/non processed proteins (like organic tofu, tempeh, beans, eggs and fish). 

  • What does a day eating Clean Cut Plant Based look like?
    • Breakfast:  Fasting or 2 eggs with ½ and avocado on a cauliflower thin 
    • Lunch: Tuna Salad on a coconut wrap with a salad or some pickle
    • Snack: the other ½ of the avocado with roasted peppers seasoned with everything but the bagel or pink Himalayan salt and pepper
    • Dinner:  Kung Pao Cauliflower over a big salad or riced broccoli
    • Breakfast Ideas:
    • Chia Pudding
    • Eggs anyway (with or without sprouted bread, NET ZERO, cauliflower thins)
    • Avocado toast
    • Overnight cold (keep them cold for the resistance start)
    • Yogurt of any kind in the Clean Cut approved list with ¼ cup of berries
  • Lunch Ideas:
    • Tuna Salad (in a coconut wrap, sprouted bread, Carb Savvy wrap, etc)
    • Salad with nuts and some berries
    • Leftovers always
    • Lettuce wraps with roasted peppers and avocado
    • Bean salads
    • Shrimp salad
  • Snack Ideas: 
    • Flackers, GG, Norweighen crackers, FAT SNAX crackers or veggies of any kind with:
    • Kite Hill cream cheese or dips, Trader Joe’s Vegan Caramelized Onion dip, Mykonos cheddar cheese dip
    • Small apple with nut butter
    • Celery with nut butter
    • Hard boiled eggs with honeycup mustard or hot sauce
    • ½ an avocado with pink Himalayan salt 
    • ½ a perfect bar