Losing weight is actually hard, but it is a fight we can win!

Oct 26, 2021


Losing weight is actually hard, but it is a fight we can win!

Everybody and every system will respond and react in a different way.  It's our body's way of defense.  Eating poorly (even if you didn't know you were) for decades is not undone in a short 4 weeks.  This takes time, consistency and practice.

Clean Cut is a lifestyle change.  Reversing the damage takes time.  It’s not one week, two or even six!. We have created an amazing accountability program so once you graduate this 6 week signature course we are here to continue to guide, practice and tweak your journey so this is your last time ever starting over.

Weight gain is a journey and so is weight loss. Think of it this way, 15 years of crap is at least one to two years of consistent, clean eating (Not so bad when you think about it). We know when you’re going through a transformation you want it yesterday - or maybe you're more realistic and want it next week.   Working to make real lasting change is not always easy but the reward is so satisfying. This is now your new normal. 

Reward yourself for any habit change, any change on the scale, clothing or mindset changes.  Evolving to the new you - the person you wished, hoped or imagined - is possible with focus, patience and practice. It can’t happen overnight.  Follow through and finish the race.   Those that trust the process always see the best results. Every mile you conquer is in your past. Giving it back is a shame so KEEP MOVING FORWARD! 

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