Intermittent Fasting Isn’t a Diet It’s a Great Tool!

Nov 17, 2021


If you look back in history you will find cultures and religions fasting because of their beliefs or lifestyles.  But why do they do it?  Some use it to cleanse, others to give sacrifice for something. And, if we look back to the time of cavemen,  they ate to survive. they would feast and famine.  Intermittent fasting mirrors not only beliefs and lifestyles but also survival!.

Let’s start by breaking the myth that if you skip a meal you will slow your metabolism.  Not true! In fact, it’s the complete opposite.  We’ve been taught to think, low fat, fat free and don’t skip a meal. Blah, blah, blah..., When, in fact, all the science points us in the other direction. It's the insulin spike and drops that slow your metabolism. 

Remember when we asked you in Week 1 to erase what you think you know about food and start fresh? Well, here’s another Clean Cut tool to help balance your life. Good fats help you lose fat, fasting helps you burn fat and your body knows what to do with real food.  This shortcut or trick is one of our favorites because it works and it’s FREE


With intermittent fasting, your body operates differently than 

when it’s  “feasting.”

When you eat a meal, your body releases insulin, causing glucose levels to rise in the blood which our bodies use as energy, right?  This process can take a few hours, also depending on what you eat depends on how long it takes to digest. Like good fat takes longer than simple carbohydrates.  During this time, your body is using that food as it’s source of energy.  This is actually what food is for...  


This is especially true if you just consumed carbohydrates/sugar.  Those fast burning carbs act like flint to a fire and burn up quickly leaving you feeling hungry. This is  why we push, push, push good fats at each meal or snack.

During a fasting state, your body doesn’t have a source of readily available fuel for energy.  This is when the magic happens.  Our body  will find energy from the next source and then the next.  So, if we let our bodies rest and not use the constant food consumed, it will then tap into the stored fat as...wait for it...ENERGY, rather than the glucose (insulin) from our blood stream from the food we just consumed. 

The same is true for working out in a fasting state.  

Without a supply of glucose and glycogen to pull from your bloodstream from the food you just ate your body has no choice but to use fat as it’s source of energy. Working out during your fast is a win/win for breaking down stored fat! BUT remember when exercising for very long periods of time, like 90+ minutes at a clip you may need a little shot of glucose so you don’t hit a wall and run on fumes. 

Clean Cut Intermittent Fasting Rules:

  1. Make sure to break a fast with a NON CARBOHYDRATE MEAL.  Nope, not even a complex carb is allowed, make sure they are under 5 net carbs
  2. Intermittent fasting should be done for 14-16 hours.  For beginners starting with 12 hours and build up from there.

For example:

Stop eating at 8pm.  The next day, you are only eating from Noon to 8 pm. Essentially you’re skipping breakfast (BREAK-FAST).  We aren’t asking you to cram in all your food during those hours, just pick up with a clean meal and go from there like you normally would.  Make sure you have all your proteins in this period

You can: 

  • Fast everyday
  • Fast every other day
  • Fast every 3rd day
  • Or, fast after a long weekend or a big cheat  

When you find what works for you, and are consistent, you’ll see and feel the results. 

Additional Fasting Tips:

If you have a big cheat, you can make it a longer fast.  Remember you have plenty of stored energy to use from the cheat the night before.  You may feel hungry, but that doesn’t actually mean you need food at the moment.  Let your body reset and use what it already has.  Have a cup of tea and leave the kitchen! 

Remember the Clean Cut give and take.

This is a great tool to reset your mind and focus.  It’s a great maintenance tool that gives you more wiggle room with your food choices.  The give and take is Clean Cut!

BULLET coffee (or Keto coffee) can help you through the fast.  

This is not for everyone, but we sure love it!  

There are some great benefits to this coffee:

  • Suppresses hunger
  • Provides quick/clean energy
  • Can help you lose unwanted fat
  • Supports immune health

Bullet Coffee

  • Brew 1 cup (8 to 12 ounces) coffee using filtered water with organic beans (if possible)
  • Add 1 tablespoon of MCT Oil (can buy in health stores or onine)
  • Add 1 tablespoon grass-fed Irish butter

Blend in Vitamix or Bullet and enjoy!.