Your Week 1 Education, Lets Do This! Please read.

What is right and what is wrong?  What is real and what is not?  What will work long term and what will not?

We want to clear things up as we get started on this new year!!!

First erase what you think you know or what you’ve been told over the years about diet and nutrition and let’s start fresh.

Real heavy cream, real ice-cream, Irish butter, olive oil, mayo aren’t the problem, the fake FAT FREE, Light, low fat, sugar free versions wreak the havoc.   Once you can trust that the real deal is best for you the closer we are to cleaning out your systems and making our bodies work like the machines they are meant to be.

As we move along in this program learning to read labels is a huge part of your success. Understanding portions is also a major role in balance. For now we just want to take all the guesswork out.  All you need to do is follow along and ask LOTS of questions. We know at first this can be overwhelming, any change can be, so stay focused and trust.

Let’s take a look in your fridge. Let’s start small.  What kind of Mayo do you have? If is says light or fat free replace it with REAL mayo (olive oil mayo is also great).  Before you throw out the light version compare the nutrition labels of both. Look at the entire label. The calories, fat, sugar.  Now look at the ingredients. Which one has a longer list, which one do you understand everything that is listed (or mostly everything).  Here is a nugget or pivot to live by If you can’t understand it neither can your body. Just because it says it has less calories and less sugar doesn’t mean once inside it reacts that way.  ANYTHING that is FOREIGN to your system will be and we mean will be STORED AS FAT. Our bodies know what to do with real food, even real sugar so tip number one (PIVOT) keep it real my tribe!

Caren and Lori