WOW (Workout Of The Week): Week 3

After you are warmed up do 3 rounds of each of these:

5 walk out pushups
(fold over hands to floor and walk hands out to pushup then walk hands back to feet =1 rep)
10 jump squats or squats
15 plank alternate leg raises
(straight arm plank, lift right leg up engaging glut and lower then lit left leg = 1 rep)
The 3 rounds of:
6 single leg pushups
(lost right leg in air and pushup 3x and left leg up and pushup 3x)
12 burpees
18 lunges or jump lunges
then 3 rounds of:
7 straight arm plank down to forearm plank = 1 rep
14 jumping jacksย 
21 dips
Finish With Abs:
10 reps each 2x
full sit up and reach overhead
(right and left leg = 1 rep)