WOW (Workout Of The Week): Week 2


After stretching, begin the warm up. This is the same warm up as week 1 (video in week 1)
Plank knee drives
  • 3 right knee to right elbow
  • 3 right knee to bellybutton
  • 3 right knee cross to left elbow

Repeat on left side. Repeat each side 2x

Set 6 minutes on your clock.

Start at 2 reps of each then 4, 6 keep climbing by 2โ€™s until clock hits 6 min
-Squats or jump squats
-Walkouts (stand tall and bend to place hands on floor, walk hands out to plank then walk hands back to feet and then walk hands back out and in= 2 reps)
Then start clock again for 6 min and do 2-4-6-8-10….
-Lunges or lunge jumps (each legs counts as one)
-Lateral plank walks (see video from week one)
At 6 minute whatever your highest rep count was start at push-ups and do that many reps one time through all six exercises. For example if you get to 14 reps in the push-up series and that is your highest rep that is the count you use.
Abs: 2-4-6-8-10
-Full sit up
-Repeat 2 of each, 4,6 up to 10 of each