WOW (Workout Of The Week) : Week 1

Here is your workout of the week for week 1!

These fun weekly body weight workouts can pretty much be done anywhere.ย  Remember, moving is key!

You can scale these down or up from your regular workouts or add them in to your weekly routine!

There is video under the workout to guide you on certain exercises.


After stretching, begin the warm up: (Video Below)
Plank knee drives
  • 3 right knee to right elbow
  • 3 right knee to bellybutton
  • 3 right knee cross to left elbow

Repeat on left side. Repeat each side 2x

Main WOW (videos below)
6 walkout push-ups
12 switch lunge jumps or reverse lunge
18 squats
24 plank with rotation
30 mountain climbers
24 jump squats or squats again
18 lateral plank walks
12 burpees
6 push-ups
Repeat 3-5 times