WOW (workout of the week) week 1

Let’s Climb By 3’s This Week

Warm up with some dynamic stretching, like squats to squat holds, lunges to runner’s lunge stretch, straight arm plank to side plank rotations each way (10 total), updog to downdog

Take about 3-5 min to stretch and warm up

Main workout

Repeat 3X

3 – straight arm plank down to forearms and back up to straight arms = 1 rep to see how

6 – pushups

9 – ½ burpees to see how

12 jump squats or squats

15 pulse squats

18 plank jacks to see how

21 mountain climbers to see how


Repeat 3X

21 Dips

18 lateral squats (step to right with right foot and squat, step back to center then step left foot to left and squat = 2 reps)

15 jumping jacks

12 lunges or lunge jumps

9 lateral plank walks right and left = 2 reps to see how

6 walkout push-ups to see how

3 burpees

After three rounds do one more round from the top to bottom

3 all the way to 21 (first part) then 21 to 3 (second part)

You can do this as many time as you desire.  It will take less than 20 min