WOW (workout of the week) 2

Week 2 is here!ย  Time to create these new habits and crush it.


Warm up (same as week one)

Part 1 Of The Workout:ย 8 minutes

10 high plank to forearm (see video from week one)

5 burpees (or push-ups)

5 squats

Back to 10 high plank to forearm

6 burpees

6 squats

Back to 10 high plank to forearm

7 burpees

7 squats

Continue this climb for 8 minutes.ย  GREAT BURNER!!!

After 8 min perform 4 min of abs

30 secs of each (2x)


Full sit-up




Part 2 Of The Workout: 8 minutes

10 Jump squats


5 plank jacks (high plank and jump feet out wide and back together = 1 rep)

5 static lunges right and 5 left (wide stand and lower down and up. Bend legs down to 90 degrees and up = 1 rep)

Increase plank jacks and lunges by 1 rep each round. Always starting with 10 jump squats

At 8 minutes, Repeat the 4 minutes of abs series