WOW Week 3 (workout of the week)


You will perform 3 exercises in each group, each on for 30 seconds then 45 second, 1:00 and then back to
45 seconds and 30 seconds. The clock doesn’t stop and neither do you.ย ๐Ÿ˜Š
Group #1
-Sit up and reach overhead
-Side to side squats (stand with feet together then step to the right and squat, step back together then step to left abs squat)
-Plank leg swings (plank and swing right leg to side and back then left leg to side and back)
Group #2
Group #3
-Lateral plank walks side to side
-Jump squats (or squats)
-Squat hold (hold in the down position (this is hard for time, do your best)