WOW Week 1: Workout Of The Week

Wow Week 1

Welcome to the workout of the week!!ย  You can do these workouts everyday, or add to your normal routine!

Get moving!ย  Sample video below!

Warm up with down dog/up dog 3x. 10 squats and hold last squat down an open hips up. 10 lunges
2-4-6-8-10 reps of each
Jump squats
Lateral plank walks (straight arm plank walk to the right 3x and back to left 3x = 2 reps)
Repeat each at 4 reps then 6 up to 10 @ 10 reps
Do 1-2 min cardio (run stairs, jumping jacks, mountain climbers, pick one)
Lunges or lunge jump (lunge and jump and switch legs = 2 reps)
Repeat at 4 reps then 6 up to 10
1-2 min cardio
1-2 min cardio
Abs: 2-4-6-8-10
Full sit up
Leg raises