Why You Should Check Out Intermittent Fasting, Clean Cut Style


It’s all about the insulin!!

What does insulin actually do in our bodies?  You’ve heard us talk about keeping your insulin low and balanced.  Insulin is the primary hormone in our bodies that either tells use to store energy (fat) or release energy (burn fat).  When we eat, our insulin naturally rises so if we eat low level insulin foods like the samples of our Clean Cut recipes your levels will not spike they will just rise a little then fall which is when we burn fat.  If you eat high sugar, lots of grains and processed foods you will become insulin resistant, which means your levels are always high and you are always storing energy (AKA, hard to loose weight).

The menus and foods we have chosen help with the release of energy to switch over to a fat burning zone rather and storing zone.

Another great tool you can use to help keep your insulin levels low for a long period of time, keeping you in that true fat burning zone is called INTERMITTENT FASTING.  THIS IS NOT STARVATION.
We all have enough fat stored to not eat for days.  That’s not what we are asking you to do.

First I want to break some of those myths we’ve been told our entire lives.

  1. Skipping a meal will slow down my metabolism. NOT TRUE at all.  When we fast it has been proven that our metabolic rate increases.  The proof is in the drop of insulin.  When our bodies are releasing energy our metabolism goes up.


  1. If I don’t’ eat I will burn muscle.  Again this false.  First we store glycogen (sugar) in our liver then it’s released and stored as fat.  We build muscle from protein and our bodies go through a natural turnover of ridding excess amino acids (protein). When fasting your energy source switches from sugar to fat, it does not use muscle as energy.

Why is intermittent fasting so good for you?

  1. It’s free
  2. It can be done whenever you need it or want it
  3. It is always a major jumpstart to get your body to burn fat as fuel
  4. You naturally cut calories
  5. It increases your energy levels
  6. When insulin is low your hormone called Ghrelin “the hunger hormone” decreases
  7. Reduces risk of diabetes, heart disease and cancer
  8. Clears your body of free radicals (the stuff that causes disease)
  9. Helps you loose weight by burning stored fat

10-Not in a constant state of digestion which is when we store energy

Sounds pretty good to me.  Now how do you do it??

Intermittent fasting can be done every day, or as many days as you would like in a week.

Eat a light dinner and stop eating around 8:00pm.  In the morning you can have that bulletproof coffee which will aid in the fasting period or you can have a cup of tea or coffee and add the MTC oil, or just have your regular coffee/tea and water until you BREAK your FAST (BREAKFAST), fasting isn’t new, it’s one of the oldest dietary methods.

OK it’s been 15-16 hours since you last ate, that is a good fast, you can go longer if you want.

What do you eat now?  Protein a good fat with some veggies
2 hard boiled eggs with half an avocado and some cucumber or a salad with chicken, anything on the menu.  It’s best not to have a complex carb right after a fast because it will spike your insulin a bit to high.  But something like a ½ cup of quinoa would be fine.

About 3 hours later have your snack and then dinner
Drink your water or tea throughout the day.

At first you might feel a decrease in energy it happens but if you hang in there for a few days or a week you will feel the switch over to true fat burning.
GIVE IT A SHOT and see if you can bring your body to the next level of fat burning.