Why The Clean Cut Pivot Will Change Your Life

The 6 week challenge…what can you get out of it?  

Let’s put the idea of this program being all about food aside for a minute and talk about choices.   This is not about having control, that is something we can’t have all the time, it’s about CHOICES.  If we have small pivots and work on them until they become second nature then move onto another pivot until that becomes second natural we will make real change.  Create your pivots, small changes that will change your life. 

Where does your head go when you look at your week as a whole? You have a dinner Thursday night and again on Saturday.  You are aware you aren’t as strict over the weekends as you said you be, leaving you angry and having regret.  Imagine having the ability to really balance your lifestyle without feeling like you are being deprived. Here is where the mindset comes in. PLAN FOR THE CRASH! Don’t just say you will take care of it tomorrow plan for it today. 

We’ve all dieted down to get into that dress or bathing suit, why don’t we plan like that for our daily life?  If you know Thursday night is your date night and you know you are never perfect, get out in front of it so you are ready for it.  If you planned on not cheating and it goes off the rails truly undo it the next day. This is the mindset we talk about. You can’t cheat yourselves or make up excuses, your body will know.

So how do we do this?  Here is an example. Last weekend Lori and I went out with our guys for drinks and bite to eat.  We both knew it wasn’t going to be super clean so that day we left out all carbs and fruit and saved it for our drinks and food choices.  Got our workouts in, drank all my water with Pink Himalayan salt, left out chocolate the day before, made good enough choices at dinner = success.  Oh and yes I had to run and extra mile the next day to burn off those extra fries I ate! Total SUCCESS and totally worth it!

When you do cheat MAKE IT GOOD, those small useless bite of your kid’s cold chicken fingers or soggy fries aren’t worth it on any day.  You can always UNDO a not planned cheat. Remember food is energy if you have plenty stored you don’t need to refill the tank, try intermittent fasting the day after, eat smaller meals with just veggies, protein and your good fats, drink lots of water, WORKOUT or workout for an extra 20 min, Get yourself back to neutral.

The clean cut way of life is like no other.  Its education, its pivots, and it works.  Finding what works for you may be totally different then what your bestie finds.  THIS is why its a lifestyle.  One you can live with!  Shrink your body, grow your mind.  

Much Love



Lori and Caren created Clean Cut Fitness & Nutrition to help women see there is a true balance when eating clean and living life.  They like wine, tequila, vodka and intermittent fasting! Their 

5 kids combined are always creating havoc but they would not have it any other way.  Balance is their key to success! Their “shrink your body, grow your mind” mentality will help anyone find their Ah-Ha moment and what works in their lifestyle.  Join the #cleancuttribe and create your new lifestyle.  Download your FREE 3 day menu guide here!

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