Who Doesn’t Love A Sweet Potato!

​The beloved Sweet potato:

We all know sweet potatoes are better for you then the white potato, right?  We even feel better if we eat a sweet potato French fry;)

But why is this potato different?  Like the carrot, its orange in color and guess what the sweet potato has….BETA CAROTINE, which converts into vitamin A in our bodies.  Yup, it’s Vitmain A that is great for vision, the growth of cells in our skin, keeps the lining of your nose and respiratory track healthy.  It also acts as an antioxidant!!!

This almost perfect food contains sporamins, these are the stored proteins that help your cells oxidate.  What does that mean?  You may notice or read that athletes incorporate the sweet potato into their diet, but why?  Since the sweet potato helps with the lining of both your nose and lungs this means it helps your cells oxidate, WHAT? The sporamins brings more oxygen to your cells to convert to energy.  The more oxygen you can bring in the stronger and longer you can perform.

Oh and the best part is the sweet potato is actually low on the glycemic index.

So next time you are thinking but it’s a potato think again.  Lucky us its tastes good and it’s good for us!!