Wheat and your Thyroid

Hey Guys it’s Caren,  thought this was interesting.  As I was researching a little tonight I came across an article about thyroid health and guess what….WHEAT, Yup another reason to avoid it.  The way wheat is grown today in massive crops usually has compounds that can cause you to feel addicted to it.  I’ve heard the oreo has that some type of compound (kinda makes sense, who can eat just one?).  The other thing wheat does, that we’ve taught you already, is that it raises your blood sugar levels.  Some research shows it raises it higher than a candy bar.  Now if that doesn’t stop you from eating processed wheat then maybe knowing it can have a direct effect on your thyroid will.  Your thyroid is responsible for your metabolism.  When it is labored it will slow.  When we spike our insulin that excess insulin is stored as belly fat.  Belly fat is not only unwelcome it is harmful to your heart as well as your thyroid.  Switching your wheats to non-gluten sprouted breads, potatoes, quinoas, beans and rice is a simple fix.