What’s The Skinny on Powdered Greens?!

Do we always need to take away foods or does adding sometimes make a change??

Eating all your greens is just as important as drinking all your water, it’s not even a debate.  BUT how can we ensure we are getting all we need DAILY to get all the benefits of eating all your vegetables.  

Actually what are the benefits of vegetables?  They make sure you stay energized, keep you alkaline (which is where you want your blood levels to be), they boost immunity and aid in digestion.  Remember it always comes back to gut health. To truly get all these benefits we need to eat vegetables morning, noon and night. It’s just not possible, so what can we do?

It’s so simple and so small, it’s once scoop.

Green powder, yup it’s that easy.  There are so many brands and versions, yes some easier to get down than others but we don’t care, as long as you get it in daily you will receive the benefits.

The concentrated levels of the phytonutrients is the key.  The chlorophyll condensed in just one scoop will actually cleanse your blood, doesn’t’ that sound like it feels good.  Clean blood, means clear mind and all system talk. If your blood is clean you burn carbohydrates at a steady rate not spiking your insulin.  

Our goal at Clean Cut is to help you bring your body back to the machine it was meant to be, before proceed foods, before supersize and give you the wiggle room to enjoy life all while adding in the things that count (DAILY) to ensure your body is working.  ARE YOU IN?

2 Of Our favorites are below. Click the images for more information


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