Weekly Find…FENNEL!

What is fennel?!  Its a pretty flowering plant in the carrot family.  It has feathery leaves that almost look like dill.  Raw, its firm and crunchy texture is a nice change from your everyday veggies you dip,  at 27 calories for 1 cup, its a great snack to much on.  Its light licorice taste makes it a great way to freshen breath as well!

Fennel also has some great health benefits:

  • 1 bulb has 7.3g of fiber
  • No cholesterol
  • 2.9g of protein
  • Tons of vitamins including vitamin C, potassium, sodium, calcium, iron, B-6, magnesium and vitamin A to name a few
  • Can be used as a diuretic
  • Helps regulate menstruation
  • Regulates blood pressure and just so much more!


So try some fennel this week as your weekly find.  Dip in your fave dip, or just munch on it raw. Check out the recipe block!  I will add a roasted fennel recipe too that i love.

And see this site below!  Lots of yummy ideas!

Clean Eating Magazine Fennel Recipes