Week 6 WOW (workout of the week)

Wow week 6
TABATA :20 work/:10 holdย 
8 min each
First couplet
:20 Plank knee drives (see video)/ :10 plank hold
:20 power jack or jumping jacks /:10 squat hold with toes turned out
Repeat for 8 min
Second couplet
:20 jump squats or squats/:10 squat hold (sink down and hold)
Repeat for 8 min
Third coupletย 
:20 dips/:10 hold at top with straight arms
:20 switch lunge jumps or reverse lunges /:10 lunge hold
Abs: 4x
:20 crunches / :10 pulses
:20 V-ups /:10 hollow hold (banana hold, legs straight and off ground. Hands overhead with shoulders off ground. Press back into floor)