Week 5 RECHARGE WEEK, Information

Hello All!

Its week 5 and it is recharge week!  What does that mean?  Around week 4-5 we sometimes see people slip, or plateau. This is completely normal.  But we won’t allow it!  We want you to succeed!  So we are giving you a few options to recharge.

Remember, these are tools in your toolbox to go back to for your LIFETIME!

  1.  If you are rocking it, feel good and finding what is working for you, stick with it!  Great job!
  2. Had a bad weekend, or just need a change, try to INTERMITTENT FAST.  Blog post will be posted in the week 5 block.
  3. Use the recharge document posted below.
  4. Go back to week 1 for a few days.

These are all great choices to get back at it.  The problem, (we will talk about this Monday evening) is we tend to give up and forget everything.

If you are still moving towards your goal…these above steps will help you stay on track.  Do not let your hard work go.  If you have hit your goal, and are in maintenance mode, you can use these tools to not gain it back.  Give yourself 3-5 lbs and its ok to fluctuate within that range. But use these tools to keep you on track and not fall at all.

Recipes are included in packet this week.

Week 5 Information and RECIPES