Week 4 WOW, Workout of the Week, video included

6 minutes
12 squats
6 single leg push-ups (3 with right leg up, 3 with left leg up)
12 jump squats
12 minutes
12 lunges each leg
6 burpees
12 straight arm plank (options are alt shoulder tap, alt hip tap or straight arm down to forearm and back up to straight arm right and left arm on all = 1 rep)
6 minutes
12 dips
6 lateral plank walks with push-up at each end = 2 reps. Lateral walk to right for a three count then push-up then lateral walk to the left for a three count then push-up)
12 lateral squats or lateral hip squats.
3 Times
12 knee drops
6 pikes
12 hip rolls