Week 4 Menu Guides & Information

Welcome to Week 4!

How is everyone?! We are excited to see your inches this week.  So grab that tape measure and let us know how many inches you are down!  You can add them to your weight tracker chart.  We will be giving away a prize this week for most inches lost so far, so make sure to get those weights and inches updated for us.

This week, we are going to get into some label and food education.  Our food is not the same as it use to be.  We have to worry about GMO, organic, vs non organic and what is really the “truth” out there.   The internet an be a wealth of great information, but also alot of fake news as well.

We really try here to give you the most solid information based on true research.  Let us know if you have any questions at all.

There are some fun quinoa breakfast recipes here this week.  Let us know what you think in the chat board.

Also, last week we posted a chat about what intolerances you found.  It was quiet, we love to hear from you and want you to succeed.  Please use that chat for questions or just to discuss your intolerance.  Its fun when the light goes on and you can see a big change!

Love to you all!  Below is your Week 4 Guide.

Week 4 Menu Guide