Week 3 WOW – Workout Of The Week

Week 3 WOW

Warm up, then do the 3 exercises below 3X
5 walkouts
5 push-ups
5 planks shoulder taps (10 alt)
Then do these 3X
5 burpees
5 jump squats
5 squats
Ill post the demo exercise for group 2, I have to cut it down…sorry!!
Then do 5 min of the following: (if you want a longer workout, do this set 2X)
10 lateral plank walks (count 1,2,3 walks hands and feet move to the right and three to the left = 2 reps)
10 1/2 burpees or frogs
10 switch lunge jumps
Then 5 min of:
10 sumo squats (toes turned out)
10 jumping jacks
10 mountain climbers (each leg)
Abs: 3xย 
10 full with reach
10 knees to elbows
10 flutter kids (each leg)