Week 3 Menu Guide, Recipes and Grocery List

Hello All!!
WEEK 3!!  Read the menu guide this week, as we have added some foods back in.  Take note of any intolerances.  If you are feeling good in week 1 and 2, and want to stay there, totally go for it!!!  Protein Pancake document is also attached. 
We are also each going to create a recipe with the cauliflower gnocchi this weekend and post for you.  We will be having a contest this week!!  Create your own CLEAN cauliflower gnocchi recipe,take a pic and post to the board!  We will pick a winner for a Trader Joes Gift Card!!  Caren and Lori will be posting theirs in the next few days.  
We are also going to throw some fun eggless breakfast options your way too.  All coming this week.  
Click on the links below to get your guide, recipes and grocery list.  

Here is your WEEK 3 menu guide

Week 3 Recipes

Grocery List for Week Three

Protein Pancakes -with market ratings