Week 1 WOW (Workout Of The Week)

Here is your week 1 WOW!

Remember, these WOW workouts can be done anywhere.  Take them on the go, and get your workout on!

Warm up: hang down and reach for your toes.  Straighten one leg then the other alternate a few times. Straighten both legs and place your hands on floor and walk out to a plank. Drop your hip and lift chest, then press your hips up into a down dog repeat 3x.  Finish your warm up with 10 squats and 10 lunges.

Main workout:

5 pushups + 5 burpees + 5 jump squats  5x

10 lunges + 10 jump lunges + plank alt shoulder taps  5x

15 dips + 15 jumping jacks + 15 wide leg squats  5x

Abs: 3x

5 full sit ups + 10 toe reaches (legs straight up and reach for toes) + 15 crunches