Week 1 Workout Challenge


We want to hear from you!  Post pics, let us know how you are doing!

This week we want you to add this to your workout routine 2 times.  Its simple and will give you a quick sweat.  Add this in at some point 2 times this week.

  • 50 Squats
  • 20 Pushups
  • 10 Sit Ups

We also want you you to look at your schedule.  Grab a notebook and write this down with your answers:

  1. How many times can you REALISTICALLY WORK OUT THIS WEEK
  2. SCHEDULE it into your week, just like that Dr Apt.

ATTEMPT A NEW PR (Personal Record) each week. We want to hear what it is.  This could be the farthest you have ran. The longest you have held a plank, etc. ANYTHING AT ALL workout related.  Each week we want you to have another PR!  We will be sending something at the end of the week for you to keep track.