​The new but oh so old Coconut oil!!


 Yes, its on that list of “SUPERFOODS”

And it should be, WHY?

Here’s why, it not only helps burn fat, decrease appetite, aid in brain function, act as sun block and builds strength in your hair and skin.  If that’s not enough just wait.  It can also decrease cholesterol and heart disease, kill viruses and fungus.  Why wouldn’t we add this to our diets and grooming habits.

Here are the details, ready….
Yes, coconut oil is high in saturated fat, actually 90% of its fatty acids are saturation, so how can we say its good for us.  Well the type of saturated fat contained in coconut oil is something called Medium Chain Triglycerids.  These lower your LDL- bad Cholesterol and raise the HDL-good cholesterol, which leads to less heart disease. The medium chain fats go straight to the liver for quick absorption of energy which then get turned into ketone bodies which quite simple are therapy for your brain and these ketones also help with hunger which reduced your appetite, what a bonus.  Almost 50% of the oil has Lauric Acid which is the virus and fungus killer.

Ok so coconut oil aids in heart function, is a massage for your brain, decreases appetite and can kills viruses.  Not to bad right.  Well it gets better.

You’ve heard the saying not all calories are created equal, well here is a perfect example.  Coconut oil is not low in calories but has been proven to increase your energy level by 5% in a 24-hour period.  A burger is not going to do that for you. So what does that mean to me and you?  Well more energy mean mores calories burned which means more weight loss.  It has also proven to decrease your belly fat by breaking down the fat that is stuck between those organs!!!

Now onto grooming.  You can rub it on your face and skin to increase lipids for dry skin, massage it through your hair to get healthy stronger hair and it even blocks 20% of the suns UV rays.

Coconut oils can be used to cook with, can been eating right off a teaspoon or taken in pill form.

So how much do we need each day to get these benefits?  1-3 Tablespoons a day.  Please note coconut oil will only be in liquid form if its above 76 degrees.  That’s why when we buy it, it looks like Crisco in the jar.  Melted or solid it has the same benefits.  So cook away or just eat it out of the jar.  This is an amazing oil.