Why The Clean Cut Pivot Will Change Your Life

Why The Clean Cut Pivot Will Change Your Life

The 6 week challenge…what can you get out of it?  

Let’s put the idea of this program being all about food aside for a minute and talk about choices.   This is not about having control, that is something we can’t have all the time, it’s about CHOICES.  If we have small pivots and work on them until they become second nature then move onto another pivot until that becomes second natural we will make real change.  Create your pivots, small changes that will change your life. 

Where does your head go when you look at your week as a whole? You have a dinner Thursday night and again on Saturday.  You are aware you aren’t as strict over the weekends as you said you be, leaving you angry and having regret.  Imagine having the ability to really balance your lifestyle without feeling like you are being deprived. Here is where the mindset comes in. PLAN FOR THE CRASH! Don’t just say you will take care of it tomorrow plan for it today. 

We’ve all dieted down to get into that dress or bathing suit, why don’t we plan like that for our daily life?  If you know Thursday night is your date night and you know you are never perfect, get out in front of it so you are ready for it.  If you planned on not cheating and it goes off the rails truly undo it the next day. This is the mindset we talk about. You can’t cheat yourselves or make up excuses, your body will know.

So how do we do this?  Here is an example. Last weekend Lori and I went out with our guys for drinks and bite to eat.  We both knew it wasn’t going to be super clean so that day we left out all carbs and fruit and saved it for our drinks and food choices.  Got our workouts in, drank all my water with Pink Himalayan salt, left out chocolate the day before, made good enough choices at dinner = success.  Oh and yes I had to run and extra mile the next day to burn off those extra fries I ate! Total SUCCESS and totally worth it!

When you do cheat MAKE IT GOOD, those small useless bite of your kid’s cold chicken fingers or soggy fries aren’t worth it on any day.  You can always UNDO a not planned cheat. Remember food is energy if you have plenty stored you don’t need to refill the tank, try intermittent fasting the day after, eat smaller meals with just veggies, protein and your good fats, drink lots of water, WORKOUT or workout for an extra 20 min, Get yourself back to neutral.

The clean cut way of life is like no other.  Its education, its pivots, and it works.  Finding what works for you may be totally different then what your bestie finds.  THIS is why its a lifestyle.  One you can live with!  Shrink your body, grow your mind.  

Much Love



Lori and Caren created Clean Cut Fitness & Nutrition to help women see there is a true balance when eating clean and living life.  They like wine, tequila, vodka and intermittent fasting! Their 

5 kids combined are always creating havoc but they would not have it any other way.  Balance is their key to success! Their “shrink your body, grow your mind” mentality will help anyone find their Ah-Ha moment and what works in their lifestyle.  Join the #cleancuttribe and create your new lifestyle.  Download your FREE 3 day menu guide here!

Visit their full bios to learn more.  

What Is Magnesium and Why We Love It!

What Is Magnesium and Why We Love It!

What is the deal with MAGNESIUM?

Magnesium has the ability to relax your muscles and nerves.  Ever get a leg cramp, eye twitch, racing heart, constipation or insomnia?  You are probably missing magnesium.

What does magnesium do?  It aids in regulating muscle and nerve function, levels out our blood sugar and pressure, makes protein and builds strong bones.

This super mineral found in green leafy vegetables, dark chocolate, flax, pumpkin and sunflower seeds, dried herbs, beans and lentils, brown rice, avocados, almonds, yogurt and bananas (to list a few) contains this super mineral that seems to cure most of the population’s chronic ailments.  See chart below for a list of the top 46 out of almost 100 symptoms.

According to Dr. Carolyn Dean, 80% of the US population is magnesium deficient.  With that statistic, I would say most of us are walking around missing this crucial mineral.  Even if we eat most of the foods listed above and if the farmers don’t add magnesium to their soil these foods themselves are deficient, leading us to use an over-the-counter supplement to ensure we are getting the correct amount daily.


Below is a list of forty-six conditions that you may experience if you are low on magnesium:

    1. Acid reflux
    2. Adrenal fatigue
    3. Alzheimer’s disease
    4. Anger
    5. Angina
    6. Anxiety and Panic Attacks
    7. Arthritis
    8. Asthma
    9. Atherosclerosis with calcium deposits.
    10. Blood Clots
    11. Bowel issue or disease
    12. Brain dysfunction
    13. Cold extremities
    14. Cholesterol elevation
    15. Confusion
    16. Cystitis
    17. Depression
    18. Detoxification
    19. Diabetes
    20. Fatigue
    21. Fibromyalgia
    22. Food cravings (sweet, salt, carbs)
    23. Headaches
    24. Heart disease
    25. Hypertension
    26. Hypoglycemia
    27. Indigestion
    28. Inflammation
    29. Insomnia
    30. Irritable bowel syndrome
    31. Kidney disease
    32. Kidney stones
    33. Migraines
    34. Muscle cramps or spasm
    35. Muscle twitching or weakness
    36. Musculoskeletal conditions
    37. Nerve problems
    38. Obstetrical and gynecological problems
    39. Osteoporosis
    40. Parkinson’s disease
    41. Paranoia
    42. Raynaud’s syndrome
    43. Restlessness
    44. Shortness of breath


  1. Sports injuries
  2. Tooth Decay

Source: Dean, The Magnesium Miracle, 3rd ed. (2014)

What type of magnesium should you take?  There are many types of magnesium and they all work, but the top two that provide the highest amount of absorption are Magnesium Glycinate which is best for those trying to correct their deficiency.  The other is Magnesium oxide or citrate.  These have a 60% absorption and a stool softening property.  If you take too much of any magnesium your body has the ability to ride it, usually causing diarrhea and not allowing you to overdose on it.

How much is the correct daily dose?  This answer varies on how deficient you are, how active you are, if you are on any medication and your current diet.  As a rule, a male or female 19 year or older should start with 400 mg daily. If you don’t have any immediate effects, like sleeping better or less leg cramps – up your dose to 600 mg daily and so on.  Some people take as much at 1200 mg daily. You will know if you have taken too much… if it causes diarrhea.

When should you take it?  Again, this depends on how you tolerate it.  Before bed is always a good time to start because, as mentioned, it relaxes you and helps for a better night’s sleep.  You can also take it in a powder form (known as CALM) and sip on it throughout the day or take a shot at night. If you find you like 2-3 doses spread throughout the day – that also works.

Our bodies have a system called ATP.  This is how we create energy. ATP has a cycle known as the KREB cycle.  Magnesium is responsible for 6 of the 9 steps in this system. If knowing that small piece of info doesn’t make you question how important magnesium is for us –  I’m not sure what will… except maybe giving it a try and seeing how much better you will feel overall.

Brands we have researched and have come out on top in studies:

Mega-genics Magnesium Glycinate

Now Foods Magnesium Citrate

Life Extension Neuro-Mag

Dr. Best High Absorption 100% Chelated (I take this one)

Viva Labs

Natural Vitality CALM powder (comes in flavors)

JigSaw Health

Solar Citrate

KAL Glycinate

Sundown Naturals


Apple Cider Vinegar… Is It Really A Natural Miracle?

Well, the actual scientific studies say so!   The high content of acetic acid (the GOOD BACTERIA) added to the two-part fermenting process makes this vinegar healthy for your gut.  Most health and weight issues start with poor gut health so:

Probiotic + Apple Cider Vinegar = Healthy Gut, Healthy You

We recommend organic unfiltered brands like Braggs because they contain the “mother”.  This is the stuff that settles to the bottom, the good stuff.  It is the strands of protein, enzymes and that good bacteria.

Here are the proven benefits of Acetic Acid.  The main difference between Apple Cider Vinegar and other vinegars.

  • It helps lower blood sugar
  • Decreases insulin levels –  less insulin sensitive
  • Improves metabolism
  • Reduces fat storage – burns fat
  • Suppresses appetite – by promoting a fullness because it delays stomach emptying


We love to give you proof:

In one study, obese people who took 1-2 tablespoons (15–30 ml) of apple cider vinegar daily for 12 weeks lost weight, body fat, belly fat as well as lowered their triglycerides (Triglycerides are a type of fat (lipid) found in your blood).

Once your body has reached capacity for your glycogen, the liver turns these calories  into a triglyceride and stored in fat cells for when they are needed.  If your storage is filled to capacity, your triglycerides become too high and you are at risk of heart disease.

The vinegar also contains an antioxidant called chlorogenic acid which protects your LDL cholesterol levels.  YEY!  This means  it will help regulate your cholesterol levels.

Because apple cider vinegar lowers your blood sugar (glucose) and insulin even if you eat a higher carbohydrate meal it will actually lower those levels as well.

This sounds like a natural miracle to us!!

How to use it

The recommended dose for these health benefits are 1-2 tablespoons (15-30 ml) per day, mixed with water.  You can also add it to food like salad dressing or cook with it.  It’s easier to drink when it’s cold so leave it in the refrigerator.  Make sure you spread it out to 2-3 doses throughout the day.  

It seems to make sense to have it before meals since it will help promote fullness and is in your system ready to take on your food.  Taking it a half hour or so before is best but anytime you can get it in will still have health benefits. Taking more than the recommended dose can be potentially harmful by lowering your blood potassium and creates bones loss.

Start with 1 teaspoon (5 ml) and see how you tolerate it and do not take more than 1 tablespoon at a time because it can make you feel nauseous.

It’s a cheap, simple way when used properly to guard yourself of illness, disease and weight gain so give it a try!!

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