SUGAR…Learn What Your Body Does With It.

When we hear the word sugar we think it’s negative.  Well, yes and no.  Read on…

Sugars are an important source of energy.  Glucose (sugar) is the most important source for our bodies, sounds strange, right?  Actually the brain and red blood cells can only use glucose for energy.   It feeds every single cell in the body but too much sugar will reek pure havoc on your system.

Even with a no carbohydrate diet, your body will make sugar from other sources, including protein and fat!

Sugar is a simple carbohydrate and the right amount from nutrient dense foods, fuel your body with the amount it needs to run efficiently.  These are from fruits, vegetables, even dairy or dairy alternatives and complex carbohydrates.  Including the right kind of fuel and portion control is the key to getting the correct amount of sugar for the appropriate amount of energy. 

The wrong sugars aren’t used as intended and are packaged up and stored as fat.  

What happens when you consume too much sugar, whether it’s from fruit or cake?

The first thing that happens when sugar enters your bloodstream is your pancreas creates insulin.  Insulin is needed to unlock cells so the sugar (glucose) can enter them and become energy.  This makes sugar sound like a good thing, right? 

Well here is the thing: the type of sugar, the amount of sugar and the frequency of sugar when it enters your body changes what happens and how the body will process.  Yes insulin is still produced but when too much is pumped into our blood at one time our bodies can not use it all and it  will be stored for later use.  Repeating this over and over means the storage is never used and turns into fat.

Craving sugar? We’ve all heard of a sugar rush.  Enter the reaction from the brain.  The feel good feeling when eating sugar is actually the release of dopamine in our brains.  The more we feed it the more we want and it becomes addictive.

Too much sugar causes inflammation in joints and arteries, leading to achiness and heart disease. It makes your skin age faster, and can cause fatty liver (just like too much alcohol).  It can lead to insulin resistance because of the constant demand for it, type 2 diabetes and weight gain. 

Too much sugar doesn’t seem as appealing anymore, does it?

Eating a clean balanced diet with limited fruit and complex carbohydrates not only gives your system the right amount of sugar for energy (along with your veggies) it also gives you room for that piece of cake, a glass (or 2) of wine, delicious Italian bread or pasta on your cheat day because your storage is not overflowing and there is wiggle room for it.

Understanding the why behind our foods makes eating clean easier.  It’s  something you want to do for yourself and no longer seems like a punishment but truly being kind to yourself.

This is the Clean Cut way. Education, balance and truly understanding the WHY of how food works in your body.  We hope you will join us soon to Shrink Your Body, Grow Your Mind!