Spring Cleaning, 5 Tips To A Clean Cut Body!

Spring Cleaning! 5 Tips to a Clean Cut Body

Believe it or not, summer is around the corner. Can you picture yourself in your bathing suit, toes in the sand, clean cocktail in hand? Did you answer yes or no?  

The winter is the easy season to hide behind big sweaters and yoga pants.  But before we know it we need to shed those layers. What is your plans?

Stop dreaming about that beach body, it’s time to work for it. To get real results takes time. Don’t think you can wait until May to be the best you this year.  The time is now.

Below are 5 tips that can guide you to achieve your summer goals.  

  1. BE REALISTIC and you can get there.  If you really want it we can help you get there! It takes time to reset our bodily systems.  You can’t do something for one week and think you will get the results you want PICK REALISTIC GOALS AND ORGANIZE.  Picking a realistic goal and being honest with yourself is your first step to success.  Break down your big goal into mini goals, Clean Cut Pivots.

Below is an image of what a real pound of fat looks like, yuck right?  You should strive for 1-2 of these lost a week for REAL FAT LOSS (and that isn’t easy).  Did you know you need to burn 3,500 EXCESS calories to lose 1 LB of FAT?  You can eat super clean and not overthink it and make sure to burn excess energy off  but please don’t use 1 hour of exercise as a reward for french fries. You have a goal in mind and every choice makes a difference up or down.

When you see people drop 5-6 lbs a week in one week, that is not all real fat.  We drop water weight, bloat, etc. Real weight loss comes off slowly. Losing weight it actually unnatural to our bodies so keep fighting the fight! The process of losing fat has so many stages so patience is necessary.

  1. ORGANIZE.  Meaning have a plan.  Your meals, your workouts, your sleep.  Plan it all. Buy yourself a new planner, or a pretty notebook.

Plan your meals.  Before heading to the grocery store know what meals you have in the lineup and stick to the plan (oh and never go there hungry).  Don’t buy any trigger foods. You are setting yourself up to fail.

Plan your workouts like you plan your lunch date or doctor appointment. Think about it 4-5 hours of your week, you can find that.  If you can’t it’s an excuse. You can workout at home, in a gym or outdoors with little to NO equipment. And 20 minutes is better than nothing.  Probably one of the most important things we want you to remember, the more muscle mass you have the more calories you burn and in turn the better your body is at burning fat.  A no brainer, right!

  1. PREP What you eat and when you eat are KEY in weight loss and creating your best you.  CLEAN food and NON-GMO are essential. You need to take the chemicals out and get your energy from real whole foods.  (Because chemicals are in fact not any source of energy) Those are the ones found on the perimeter of the grocery store.  LOTS of veggies, and balanced meals, good healthy fats are going to help you succeed. This doesn’t mean boring, this means colorful, healthy satisfying foods.  It takes time to restart your engine but the only way, and we mean the only way to get there is by eating clean. If all system are working and resting as they should your metabolism works more efficiently.  
  2.  WATER  Your body can not run without water.  Every, yes every system uses water to function. Your organs will not function without water, and your body can shut down.  Sounds extreme, but even minor dehydration will dry your skin out, bloat you, and make you feel lethargic. Simple answer, drink half of you body weight in water a day.
  3. ATTITUDE You have to want it.  No one can do it for you.  If you are ready to commit, and create a healthy lifestyle and the summer body of your dreams, you have to commit.  There are no excuses. This doesn’t mean you need to be tortured, it means you need the facts. You may not be perfect with your food or workouts, no one is, AND THAT IS OK!  But you can take these simple tips, work on one at a time and reach those goals. Any change causes a change.

Sounds overwhelming, but at Clean Cut we are your support!  The TRIBE will help you succeed! Being part of this is your final answer!