Shrink Your Body Grow Your Mind, The Interactive Course

Do you like coffee, butter, tequila, vodka, bacon and wine? We do too, so we figured out a way to have them all, and still lose weight!


Interactive Course

You are never alone. Through our posts in the course and our private Facebook page, you are never alone in the journey. Lori & Caren will interact virtually. 

Learn True Balance With Food And Life

The Clean Cut lifestyle is about balance. Enjoying the foods you love, while finding a nutritional balance.


Learning how and why certain foods work in your body can really make a difference in taking the weight off forever.  This is the Clean Cut way. 

"I have struggled with weight my whole life. The skinniest I’ve ever been was before my wedding and I was still not that skinny. I have tried every diet, every trick. But not until I bit the bullet and tried Clean Cut did it all make sense. None of what Caren and Lori preach is new to me...or to any of us for that matter. But the key for me was that everything I’ve ever learned needs to be COMBINED to work. It’s about food and exercise and supplements and portions and mindfulness and accountability and community. Clean Cut helped me with ALL of those things. The menus, meal-plans, shopping lists, and weekly calls kept me motivated and inspired. I can not recommend the program enough and I can’t wait to continue it as my lifestyle!!! Thank you SO much for getting me started!"

Jamie S.

Balance, Choices, Pause

The 3 key words that make up Clean Cut. You can take the weight off and keep it off for good all while living the lifestyle you love.


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