Putting It All Together, The Clean Cut Way Of Life! (extension info as well)

Putting it all together…. Clean Cut way of life

Thank you all for taking this journey and trusting in us.   Your six weeks is coming to an end but this new lifestyle is just beginning.  This is not a diet, it is a way of life. The longer you put it into practice the more second nature it becomes.  You will look back in a year and realize how different your mindset is about food if you keep on this journey. Remember it’s about real food.  There are not short cuts and ways to trick your body or mind, it’s about changing your view not fighting it.

You know the keys to success like PREP and PLANNING but please don’t forget to PAUSE, even for a minute it can make all the difference.  Pausing allows you to see and feel what is really in front of you. The simple pause can change your outcome for the rest of the day. Take a moment for yourself, regroup then make a better choice.  It’s not about control it’s about the pause. If we think this way we will stay the path. No one can be in control all the time

Mindfulness…. we say it a lot because it’s another tool to make you aware of your actions.  The more you are aware of triggers, choices and patterns the easier it is to prepare for them so when you are faced with a choice you have planned your course of action.  If you just knee jerk to situations you will most likely regret your decision.

Balance, that is what we strive for.  We want you to enjoy the things you love but in moderation.  We want to celebrate life and food is part of that. Being kind to yourself means eating clean but also indulging in the things you enjoy.  If you are to strict with yourself it will lead to failure. Cheat and don’t beat yourself up, you have the tools now to pull it back together.  Slip don’t fall! Remember there is always another cheat around the corner, you don’t need to get it all in at one time.

Give yourself reminders, listen back on the calls, read back through our Facebook page to keep in touch with this feeling you have right now.

You have learned what to eat, when to eat and how much, now trust yourself and as always reach out we are always right here.

You will have access to the back end of the site for a few days after the challenge ends on October 29th.  PLEASE download all your documents. If you wish to continue with the next 3 week extension and stay in tune and in touch that’s awesome!  You will continue to have access to the back end with added weeks, more of an accountability style.

We ENCOURAGE you to  stick with the extension weeks if you are not ready to let go.  We know you have the tools. The extension weeks will continue to keep you accountable and really engrave this new life.  We will have some fun challenges and handholding to continue to keep you on track.  These 3 weeks will include new recipes and educational information with some workouts and accountability.  There will be no specific menu guides as you will now be creating what really works for you in your life and all different situations. 

The extension weeks will run October 29 to November 19

The Holiday Handhold will run November 19 -December 31

The Winter 6 week challenge will begin January 7th


We hope you will continue your journey with us!!  

Love to you all!!  We will be announcing the highest percentage of weight loss so please get your numbers in once the challenge ends.  

Shrink Your Body and Grow Your Mind!

Lori and Caren