Protein and women.  What do we really need?


Why do we need protein?

I’m sure you never thought about it, but protein is used in every cell in our bodies.
It helps build muscle, aid in digestion, balances our hormones, keeps our metabolism running, energy up, blood sugar level and keeps us full longer.

Sounds like the perfect food, right?!

But how much do females actually need?

We can safely eat 1.1 grams of protein per pound of body weight. But for some, that can seem high.  For example, a female weighing 130 pounds could eat up to 143 grams of protein per day.  WOW that seems impossible.

It is recommended you eat 40-70 grams per day to get all the benefits protein has to offer.  Depending on your level of fitness or goals, this number may increase. 

The standard diet says that 15% of your daily calories should
come from protein

For example, if you eat 2,000 calories per day, 75 grams of it should be from protein.  Make sense?

So how does this all break down for you?
If you are on a maintenance diet, your average calories are around 1600-2400 a day.

If you are in that weight loss zone, looking to get to that maintenance plan, your calories are more like 1000-1400 per day.

Clean Cit loves to teach you this base from the start.  We are all about high protein, good fats, low carbs and low sugar!  Not rocket science, real food, real life and rules you can sustain.

Using this information above and making sure you are eating protein from the higher end of the scale is more beneficial for weight loss and overall health.

Protein is your friend for life!

It should be part of your “go to” meals and an easy “grab and go” ones as well.

Our Top Clean Cut Proteins Include:
Wild Caught Fish
Chia Seeds
Grass Fed Beef
Cage Free Eggs
Lentils and chick peas
Organic Chicken
Plant Based Protein Powder (we love pea and rice protein powder)
Green leafy greens