Clean Cut 4 Week Summer Slam


Begins July 8th


Unsure if the SUMMER SLAM CHALLENGE is for you?!

1. Have you worked hard all winter and want to show off that bod?
2. Do you want to keep the bloat off?
3. Do you want to have some cheats and treats?
4. Do you want to learn how to eat healthy and still be satisfied this summer?
5. Did we say you can have drinks?!?
We will help you manage those long sunny days at the beach, pool, lake, or yard!  
Each week, you will receive summer menu guides, clean fun summer recipes (yup..clean cocktails included!)  This summer we are totally holding you accountable with PRIZES each week, and are bringing in MY ZONE to the challenge!  GAME CHANGER! 


What is MY ZONE?!  Click Here To Learn More!
Our private Facebook Board for Summer Slam members is the perfect way to stay in contact with the other challengers, and have quick and fast access to Caren and Lori.  We are a tribe, we are your support and with you every step of the way!  Lets live CLEAN CUT this summer and keep the pounds off, feel great and enjoy the season.