Tired of starting over in the new year?

The Clean Cut Holiday Hand Hold is here to support you through the holiday season and kick off the new year! 

At Clean Cut we teach you real life tools to find a balance in your lifestyle  with food, social, stressful and emotional situations.  As well as work, kids, travel, etc.  During the holiday season the social and stressful aspect of life are heightened.  We are here to hold your hand through it.

Why clean eating?  As much as food is a pleasure for all of us real whole foods all have a function in our bodies.  When we eat natural foods our bodies know what to do with them.  When we introduce proceeded foods (foods that come out of a wrapper) most of them have additives that are foreign to our bodies confusing the system and slowing it down and storing fat.

The Clean Cut handheld will begin November 27th and run through the holiday season!  


What does the Holiday Hand Hold look like?
  • Weekly weigh ins to keep you focused. (Yep! Friday Weigh Ins!)
  • Your own dashboard to check in, and contact other hand held members.
  • Direct contact to Clean Cut for any need.  Like menu review prior to going to a restaurant, food shopping list, recipes, support when you feel like you are slipping or have slipped.  Or maybe even helping you find that perfect dress!
  • Tips to help you through the mid week events and long weekends, Yes there is drinking and cheating!
  • We are the 911 with stress eating due to finances and trying to find the perfect gift.
  • How to get through week long school vacations that throw off your schedule.
  • Motivation Mantras to use to stay on track, and not lose your mind this holiday season!

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