6 Week Nutrition Challenge

Our base program that will begin your Clean Cut Journey

​About Our Challenge, The Lifestyle Change

This 6 week weight loss challenge is going to change your life. No gimmicks, just real clean food and balance in your lifestyle. You will take the weight off and keep it off. It truly is a course to a new you. You will be able to understand the science behind why things happen with certain foods and find your go to’s that work for you.

Our goal during and after the challenge is to have you think a little differently about your overall health and life habits. When it is over you will have learned new eating habits, understand calories in vs out, know when to eat, what to eat and also learn about portion control, nutrient dense foods and the evils of sugars! You will have lost weight, gained muscle and feel great. Think of this as a new course for life.

This program is virtually based, so it can be done from anywhere in the country.

What Comes With Your 6 Week Program:

  • List of foods that are allowed and ones to avoid
  • Menu guides each week
  • New recipes to help you stay satisfied
  • Tips on when and what to eat
  • Finding the foods that work with your body make up
  • Understand your food labels
  • Incorporating non packaged foods into your lifestyle
  • An understanding of  fish oil and multi vitamins
  • A change in your workout routine to challenge your body in new ways  (consistency—“Not if I get to the gym but when I get to the gym…”  )  along with many other fun facts to help you truly live a healthier life
  • Weekly Conference Calls*
  • Private access to our ESTABLISHED Facebook group
  • Daily email tips and tricks
  • Amazing group support
  • Weekly home based workouts
  • Chances to win great prizes
  • Weekly virtual weigh ins

*Weekly Call Topics Include:  portion control, insulin levels, healthy fats, how to beat cravings, GMO, Organic, how to shop the grocery store, as well as going over basic menu guides to help you achieve your goals & some time to bounce ideas and concerns off each other in a group setting


 The 2018 Spring Clean Cut Challenge Begins March 5, 2018

Let's talk about some serious spring cleaning!  Take it off and keep it off.  This LIFESTYLE program will give you the tools to eat clean, life your life and balance everything that is thrown your way.  Weight loss is not a quick fix...its a lifestyle.  
Sleep better, move better, workout harder and really enjoy the foods you are eating. 
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