Frequently Asked Questions about the Clean Cut Program

How much prepping to I have to do?  Do you cook now? If so then it won’t seem that different.  Yes there is prep involved, usually two times a week (Sunday and again Wednesday or Thursday.  Being prepared is the key to success, even when you don’t have the time to be in the kitchen we have short cuts for you.

Do I need to count calories? Yes and No.  Some people find it t be a great tool but we don’t enforce it.  The portions and combinations of foods we suggest keep you in the range you should be in.

Can I have coffee?  YES!!  Have your first cup of joe the way you like it, it is such a pleasure in life and we would never take it away.  If you like it with sugar have real sugar. All we ask is that it’s real cream and real sugar. If you have a second cup, then just cream.

How do I know my serving size? Veggies are unlimited, protein the size of your fist and we encourage a huge portion of your calories come from good fats. Example ½ an avocado at a serving and the other half later.

Can I drink alcohol? We do!!  But it’s what you drink and how you plan for it.  Clear liquor is best. Tequila actually has probiotic properties to it and can increase your metabolism because it’s a stimulant.  Wine is aloud be we make choices, if wine/no fruit (sugar for sugar).

Can we have shakes? Yes but we need to understand everytime we add something to the shake, we increase the sugar and calories.  If you make one with 1 tsp of real peanut butter or ½ and avocado, it’s become more of meal. They are easy and convenient but we try to push real food as much as we can.  We like to use them more as needed.

Are there vegetarian options? For sure!  We will even challenge you to become a vegetarian for a few days to shock and clean the system.

How often do I weigh myself? ONCE A WEEK!  The scale can be cruel, we love using inches, how your clothing fits and how you feel as a gauge.

How much weight loss is the correct amount each week? Any lose is great even .5-.8 pounds.  It’s not natural for our bodies to lose weight so if you are losing it’s working.  If your body is working as it should and you have followed the program you can expect 1-1 ½ pounds per week sometimes 2 pounds. This is real weight loss.

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