Custom Corporate Fitness


Nutrition Programming

Let the Clean Cut Fitness & Nutrition team shrink your employees bodies and grow their minds!


“The connection between health and job performance is widely known, and our agency is continuously looking for programs that will improve the overall wellness of our workforce.

We recently invited Lori Sawyer and Caren Boscaino of Clean Cut Fitness & Nutrition to come in to our office and conduct weekly seminars.  Every Tuesday, they met with a group of ten ladies eager to learn about“real weight loss, real results, real life change”.  Lori and Caren have a tremendous understanding of “clean eating” and were able to communicate this message to our staff in a simple, understandable, engaging, and fun approach.

The group has learned a great deal from the program and one lady in particular, has lost over 15 pounds, and counting!  I highly recommend this program to other businesses looking to offer programs to their employees which promote health and wellbeing!”

Kate Plageman: Senior Account Manager-Benefits, Boynton and Boynton

Clean Cut Fitness & Nutrition is more than just a weight loss plan.  We can help your employees be more productive through the health and wellness world.  A healthy and strong work force can think we a clear head, work more efficiently, reduce sick time and create an all around positive vibe in your workspace.
We cater our program to your companies goals.  Please reach out to us to set up an onsite visit so we can create a corporate nutrition and fitness program that works for you.