Priya Mattson

Mom of 2

Full Time Pharmaceutical Job

Clean Cut Success Story

I cannot say enough good things about Clean Cut and how Coach Caren helped and supported me through my journey of becoming a healthier me. I was guided on what to eat and how different foods affect my body and mind. Recipes were so easy to follow with many tasty combinations. As a woman in her 40s, I learned the impact of hormones and how that affects metabolism. It’s not just a weight loss program, rather a way of life. After concluding the six-week program, I’m down 13 pounds, have more energy and feel so much happier with the way I look. 


Recipe Of The Month

The Perfect Chilled Summer Soup

The Perfect Chilled Summer Soup

Avocado and Cucumber?!  This chilled summer soup is perfect for those warm summer days!  It is so satisfying with the crispness of the cucumbers while the avocados healthy fats keeps you full its a true summer win! Chilled Avocado Cucumber Soup 1 large cucumber,...

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Homemade Energy Drinks, Clean and Refreshing!

Homemade Energy Drinks, Clean and Refreshing!

Energy Drinks,  Can they be healthy and useful at the same time? We did a little research after the question was asked and guess what there are brands out there also listening. Some of the natural ingredients we are looking for that supply the energy boost sometimes...

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