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I strongly believe in the saying “It takes a village”.  Whether it be getting the boys to a practice, or a school carpool, we need to help and support each other.  When a friend of mine came to me with the idea of women entrepreneurs helping each other and forming a “village” it was a no brainer for me to hop aboard.  So #momcrushmonday began!!

This idea will spotlight some amazing women entrepreneurs in all relms of work, but we all have  something in common;  The desire to succeed!

So this week, My Spotlight is on NATALIE SMITH, founder of www.mavisBLUE.com.  Check out what this designer is all about and make sure to visit her on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.

OH…She has a killer etsy shop and is offering us 20% off until
July 30th with the code CLEANCUTFIT.
Check her out at:  www.etsy.com/shop/mavisbluedesigns

#nataliesmith Rockin designer mamma!!

​My name is Natalie Smith and I am the founder and lead designer at mavisBLUE.com.
After University, I just wasn’t ready to head out into the working world. I had a fantastic professor who encouraged me to head back to Graduate School to pursue a degree in Non-Profit Management. So I did. I knew I wanted to work in the non-profit sector and fundraising was the perfect fit.

Even with a successful career in fundraising, I always had an itch for something more creative and design-inspired. As I worked as a fundraiser, I continued to do side-work in graphics for friends and family. As I did these side projects, the idea for mavisBLUE.com started to formulate—more as a far-off wish or daydream that I never really thought would come to fruition.

Fast forward 10 years and my husband and I welcomed a little girl into the world and then another 19 months later. Two healthy little girls—we were overjoyed! Life was blissful yet, my travel for work became overwhelming and my professional drive seemed to have lost its luster. I loved what I did but I realized I was missing out on the things that mattered most to me in this moment—my children, seeing them grow and having a firm stake in how they were raised by being home.

It was at this moment that my mavisBLUE daydream began gnawing away at me…telling me to ‘just do it’! I needed to take a step back professionally and this was the perfect moment to couple #SAHM status with #WAHM small-business aspirations. With the support of my husband and a thorough look at the family budget, we decided we could make it work and so I LEAPT!

And so began mavisBLUE.com – check it out!

In the short year I’ve been in business, the hardest thing I’ve learned about owning a solo venture is that YOU. ARE. IT. Your success is solely dictated by the work and hustle you put into things. I would recommend that anyone looking to start their own business should also take advantage of the free resources afforded to them by their local community or On-line. And, get a MENTOR! I have saved myself countless hours by having a few trusted mentors to bounce ideas off of, to help expand my network, and to simply ask for help. I suggest tapping into those resources around you and to connect with other small business owners. I have been constantly inspired by how insightful and willing to help other small-business entrepreneurs have been with me along this journey. Its made all the difference.

My hope is to have mavisBLUE.com prints in a handful of cute and quaint shoppes in both the Connecticut and Toronto areas. I want moms to have access to quick and easy design and decorating options so that their little ones will wake up in positive and cheerful spaces each day! Smiles are infectious you know!

​WEBSITE | www.mavisblue.com
INSTAGRAM | @mavisblueprints
FACEBOOK | www.facebook.com/mavisblue
PINTEREST | www.pinterest.com/mavisblue

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