#MINDfulness…Trust the process


TRUST, don’t hope.  If you have honestly put in your best effort, was honest and did all the work, then TRUST the outcome.  One of the keys to your success and mind switch is to keep practicing until it becomes second nature. You know what to eat, when to eat and how much, now it’s time to put it into practice.  TRUST the process.

We see the scale go down, we see the scale plateau and we see the scale go up.  Lets face it, the scale sucks.  Why do we use it as our main form of success in weight loss?  We want to change that mindset.  Why can’t your clothes be the new scale?!?!

You are feeling good, your measurements are down, your clothes are fitting so much better. YET, the scale says you are only a few lbs down.  Our society dictates the scale is king.

Well, lets change that my friends!!  Let your clothes be your new scale, flaunt it!!  You deserve it for working hard!

#1.  Eat Clean

#2. Enjoy your life

#3. Exercise