Mantra Band Contest!!!

Hi ladies!!

Mantra Band has been kind enough to donate a band for a contest.  I LOVE LOVE my mantra bands.  (my arm below).  We have a YOU GOT THIS band for you!!  Caren and I thought it was a perfect prize!

Rules of the contest:

  • Post a picture on social media (Facebook or Instagram) and show us your most creative mindset picture!!  How are you getting your mind right?!  Examples:  is it your food and fitness?  A new workout class? Better snacks in the office?  It could be a new mantra you have been using, meditation or just a mug!!  NOTHING is wrong.  We want you to get creative!!
  • Your post MUST be on a public page (NOT the private Facebook board, it wont count for the contest).  Our public FAN Facebook page, your personal page, etc are great.
  • In order for us to find it, you must use the hashtag #cleancutmindset
  • Tag Clean Cut Fitness and Nutrition

Contest ends on Saturday January 20th.  We will post the winner Sunday.  

Any questions, please reply to this post.    Can’t wait to see what you ladies have for us!!!  We love when you