Losing Inches, But The Scale Is Not Moving?! Here’s Why!

Losing weight, at first you saw it on the scale but now you only see it in inches, why?

Did you know there are two kinds of fat? Subcutaneous Fat and Visceral Fat.

Subcutaneous fat is actually not harmful to us. This is the fat right below the skin, the one we can pinch. Our bodies actually need some of this to protect ourselves and produce a certain hormone called leptin (the hormone that tells you are full) which is linked to your metabolism. We obviously don’t want an excess of it because we don’t like the way we look or feel and if not controlled can lead to our second kind of fat, the bad one called visceral fat.  

Visceral fat is that deep dense fat that wraps around our organs. It’s that dangerous belly fat. This type of fat secretes chemicals throughout the body and causes an increase in blood pressure, cholesterol, causes major inflammation, slows the metabolism and can lead to diabetes.

Did we scare you enough? If you are one of those people who have followed our program and truly eat clean, control portions, exercise, drink your water, keep cheats to a minimum and have lost weight and your inches are still come off but you can’t seem to keep the scale moving in the right direction then maybe this is why.

So now what?

First keep eating the CLEAN CUT way. Slow weight loss is real, natural and healthy.
Second is to turn back on the body signals so we can tap into that visceral fat and start to melt it away.

We have many natural and cheap ways to accomplish this. A simple one is using fresh ginger every day. Ginger has the ability to aid in digestion, allowing your body to actually absorb your food correctly and using it as intended, as our energy source, not left to be stored as fat. It also turns up your internal body temperature, in turn increasing your metabolism (increasing your metabolic rate). This is just one of the many tips we have to offer.

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