It’s #MOMCRUSHMONDAY!  Unscripted, Unplanned and Unfiltered?!  Yes Please!


Her lifestyle blog is so inspirational.  I had to find out more!

So I decided to feature here here on #MOMCRUSHMONDAY.  This unique and fun way to get to know some amazing entrepreneurs is the highlight of my week.  IT TAKES A VILLAGE and we truly are becoming one!

She is so FUN, and so stinkin CUTE!!  Check out what she is all about and read her interview below.

For over 2 decades I had the privilege of working with seniors.  This opportunity allows you to have your future right in front of you – stories, advice, regrets and perspective – When you spend time with Seniors you can’t help but be drawn to their life story – their legacy – and it inspires you really think about what you want yours to be.  After having my third baby I knew life needed to change.  The corporate ladder climb was no longer something that inspired, fuelled or fulfilled me – and if I wanted to be the kind of mom I wanted to be for my kids I needed to make a change.  For an A-type planner this decision did not come easy – and it really was with the push of my “supporter and cheerleader husband” who said “just do it – we’ll figure out the rest”.  It was the first time in my life I jumped in (hmm kinda pushed) with both feet without any plan but I knew in my gut it was the right decision without knowing what was going to come next.  
I started writing.  And by doing so I suddenly realized how much I had defined myself by my work and my work title.  This moment changed my life – it made me realize that as women how much we hold onto and carry everything from – judgement, criticism, pressure, stress and the list goes on and on.  We focus on all of the things that we aren’t doing or maybe wish we were doing better instead of instead of focusing on how incredibly amazing we are.  Because the truth of that matter is – we are…..without any fancy title.  
I never set out to be a Lifestyle Blogger (you’d think developing a website would have been a clue) but my intent and purpose never wavered.  I wanted to inspire women to live full lives, on whatever terms, without judgement (especially from yourself) and in whatever way you need to find possibility and the belief in yourself  I guess you could say has become my legacy because it is where everything about my life and perspective is shared – unscripted, unplanned and unfiltered.  Because that is how I believe life should be lived.  
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