It’s #MOMCRUSHMONDAY!  Meet My Latest Crush And Why I Want To Be Like Her

​​I am LOVING this #momcrushmonday stuff!

I mean seriously, there is nothing better then women pumping women up.  Well, I may just have to hire this #lifecoach.  She is probably one if the most positive people.  So inspiring and likable.

She wants you to build a “toolbox” for success.  Well isn’t that what #cleancut teaches you as well?!?  Building that toolbox not only for success in business and life, but for your nutritional needs too….so basically what I am saying is this chick is a rockstar and I am totally on the same page with her!  So, Ill keep you posted!  I may just be her next client!!

Meet Dawn Armstrong, Founder of Live Your Great Big Life! 

Wow, the journey to today. It’s been so fun and kinda scary! I loved the job I was in and I wanted more. I wanted a more flexible schedule, I wanted to experience different cultures around the world and I knew there was possibility to have greater impact in the world. At that time I had no idea how. After some chance meetings with a couple of supernovas who supported me in getting clear on what I wanted to create and supported me in leaping, I began this journey.

My biggest struggle in launching and growing Live Your Great Big Life has been in finding MY balance with all of the new, not having my business take over my entire life. It has been a huge learning curve in integrating all areas of my life and being fulfilled at the same time. The AND life; business growth and sleep and adventure and maintaining relationships and biking and and and… all of it!

The hardest and best thing I’ve learned on this wild adventure is to DO IT NOW and smile! There is no need to wait until it’s ready or perfect and enjoy the ride – no matter how many times you fail or hear the word no!

My end game; a world where people are living consciously and with intention. People who are alive in their lives, loving what they’re up to and excited to share. There is so much love and connection. Can you feel it? And guess what? With more love and connection there will be freedom and there will be peace all over the planet.

oh lala, what’s unique about me. I’m an beer loving energy ninja who spreads possibility everywhere. I’m made up of a whole lot of serious with a side of goofball! Xo

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