It’s #MOMCRUSHMONDAY, Get To Know This Amazing #FITBOSS

 Its #momcrushmonday​ and I have a major #momcrush on this Brooklyn Mom!!  This support system created by moms who lift each other up and sing praises will be featured each week on blogs across the country.  We as women entrepreneurs will help each other grow and shine!   Thats what #momcrushmonday is all about….so check out what this #fitboss is all about!!  Meet Lorissa Snaith!!

Q. Who are you and what is the name of your company?
Many know me as an OB RN or a mom on the playgrounds of Brooklyn, NY, but i’m truly a #MOMBOSS turned #FITBOSS. I’m a lifestyle & Beachbody coach who is a conscious leader, motivational mindset junkie, living a holistic life. I’m passionate about helping others meet their nutrition-fitness goals and run monthly boot camps with Beachbody products as a tool to take you to the next level —> because let’s face it, we could all use some extra support & accountability from others! I inspire you to get you to get fit & have the opportunity to grow a business with other like-minded people doing the same. We are heart hustlers cultivating  a tribe to become the best, most confident version of ourselves!

Q. Give us the quick run-down of how you got here | What lead you to this place…to Beach Body, What has changed for you with this professional change
I founded #FITBOSS due to my ridiculous passion & personal success. Through working out from home with Beachbody programs & drinking Shakeology daily, I was brought back to a place of energy & happiness.  After being consumed by body image (Anorexia), having 2 kids (Gaining >65lbs each pregnancy!), and neglecting myself as a priority (FT job/wife/mom/moving countries), I had never felt so disconnected with my inner-being. At the time, I felt lost as a new mom and unhappy in my own skin. After a personal transformation that was so profound, I followed my heart to coach and pay it forward. I dreamed of creating a community that empowered people and gave them the opportunity to achieve their dreams.

Coaching has given me the physical, financial, & mental well-being which has undoubtedly made me happier than I ever thought a *job* could give. The upside to this all, is the flexibility and freedom.. It is EVERYTHING. My driving force to step away from my nursing career was to be present in my children’s lives and be home to raise them. I was sick of missing precious moments of my children growing up, due to 12 hr hospital shifts, and having to live them via text message or photos sent in email.

My life has transformed in a way i never knew was possible, with limitless boundaries. Every day I wake up excited to work and help others. It’s phenomenal to experience this ripple effect and revolution with my tribe of coaches.

Q. What is the hardest and best thing you’ve learned about owning your own business? What is your biggest piece of advice you’d offer up to someone considering a change. 
The hardest thing I’ve learned is overcoming my OWN fear. Coming from a background in kinesiology & nursing science, running my own business was brand new territory.  There wasn’t a BIZ 101 course in the 2 bachelor degrees I accrued in health science! These unchartered waters were daunting, but I learned very quickly that when you lead with your heart it will ALWAYS workout. I had to overcome my own insecurities, my own struggles and learn how to share those with others. … Ok… and failing A LOT while I was at it. But jumping in head first and growing wings on the way down was the best & most effective way to learn. Our #FITBOSS slogan is “PUNCH FEAR IN THE FACE”… it’s not by accident.

Q. What is your end-game? What do you hope to accomplish—not only for your customers/readers but for you. [Other than your gigantic vacation home in Fiji of course…]
Beachbody was the key that unlocked the door to my new life. Once I began and started to feel the changes in my mind and body, I wanted to share it with everyone — I couldn’t stop talking about it then and I STILL can’t stop talking about it today. This has fueled me to help others find that  “something” in their lives. Whether it be sharing all of my lessons learned so they can grow the biz of their dreams, or reminding them why they’re READY, even when they think they’re not, I hope to unlock something BIG deep inside. The gist is this: we all know it’s important to be healthy, but getting there isn’t always easy…and I’m here to help those do that like the ‘FITBOSS’ they are. It is my purpose and life’s mission to not only help people SEE their potential, but LIVE IT! #lifebydesign

Q. What is uniquely you—tell us something fun or quirky that people will remember. 
My niece likes to tell her friends I’m 95% teenager, and 5% adult…. Apparently because I’m a Brooklynite & have funky NYC “style”. I’ll take it! I’m the Cool Aunt!

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