Is there such a thing as too much good fat?! YES!! Read More Here!

Is there such a thing as eating too much good fat?   YES!

Like anything in life, we need moderation and balance.

As an adult female, we should consume 44-78 grams of good fats daily to maintain a healthy, balanced diet.  We talk about good fat burning fat and this couldn’t be truer but what if you over eat them by many grams every day?  Yes, it will do the exact opposite. During these six weeks, we are teaching you to find the balance and what works for you to lose weight, manage it, LIVE, fight disease and find a new level of energy.

Here is a list of the good fats we recommend along with their serving sizes and grams of fat per each:

One full medium avocado = 22 grams of fat

One handful of nuts = 13 grams of fat

One full egg = 4.5 grams of fat

One tablespoon of olive or coconut oil = 14 grams of fat

One tablespoon of Irish butter = 12 grams of fat

One tablespoon of a nut butter = 9 grams of fat


Now let’s put this all together in the CLEAN CUT lifestyle:

If you have 2-3 full eggs a day, one full medium sized avocado, ½ serving of nuts (1/2 a handful), ½ serving of a nut butter (that would be 1 ½ teaspoons), 1 tablespoon of Irish butter and one teaspoon of an oil you would have consumed 73 grams of good fat which is perfect.  Remember some days would be less and some more, it’s all a balance. So, next time you are thinking about your days and weeks as a whole try to find the balance in your fats. 73 grams a day should be keeping you plenty full and satisfied all while helping you burn fat.